Gatsby Starter Wyoming

Gatsby Starter Wyoming is a mobile responsive, open source template built with both small business and developer needs in mind.

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  • Web Development
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Develop an open source template for developers looking to build small business websites

The Challenge

The mission behind this template was to build a website template other developers could use and contribute to. The Gatsby Starter Wyoming template needed to be open source, focused on small business needs, and a good developer experience.

  • Design a conversion-focused layout
  • Ensure mobile-responsive functionality
  • Implement configurable on-page SEO
  • Integrate Google analytics and Facebook pixel options
  • Ensure theme and content can be easily customized

Phase One

Easily customizable with a focus on performance

The project had to be set up in a way that ensured the content, the theme, and the analytics configuration data was easy to change, resulting in a fully functional website able to be launched quickly.

To provide the best overall experience, the template needed to perform highly and adhere to best practices.

Phase Two

Bold, modern design that is both functional and intuitive to use

The design needed to be both modern and mobile responsive to guarantee the best user experience across multiple devices, and customizable enough to enable brand consistency.

The design also had to focus on small business needs, such as easily found contact information, a form to capture leads, and social media links.

Final Result

Bringing It Together

The template features a default dark theme that is easy to customize. Websites built using the Gatsby Starter Wyoming template are inexpensive to host, secure, accessible, and fast. The responsive design looks good on any device size, maximizing user satisfaction.

Other developers can easily share and collaborate on this template. It allows both developers and small business owners to get their website launched quickly without having to sacrifice features.

  • Sleek design that is mobile responsive from the ground up
  • Easy-to-enable Google Analytics and Facebook pixel
  • Content and theme are easily customized
  • Code is open source and collaborative

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